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You can always reach us via phone or come personally to our headquarters. Our technician will be more than welcome to assist you. Please don¡¯t hesitate to contact us.

The steps to install SurroundSense is extremely easy. You only have to place the SurroundSensors around your vehicle and you¡¯re good to go. Please refer to installation manual attached together with the product.

Our product is secured under 12 months warranty. We also give an unconditional No-Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with all orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Surroundsense is available at our headquarters, Surround Corp. Besides that, it¡¯s also available at major car accessories outlets, such as Brothers, Cosplus. In future, it will be available at major shopping centre too.

Where can I get SurroundSense?

Is there any warranty for SurroundSense?      

How to install SurroundSense on my vehicle?

I need help to install SurroundSense on my vehicle, who should I consult?

The battery will last approximately 2-3 months on normal usage. You will be notified through SurroundView when the battery is low.

How long will the battery in SurroundSense last?