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The new, revolutionary parking aid system that designed to guide drivers to park their vehicles in tight spaces flawlessly.

A small investment to protect and prevent your vehicle from bumps, scrapes & expensive collisions


Product Summary

Why SurroundSense?

 No drilling required, easy-to-follow installation guide for DIY

 Works on EVERY type of vehicle

 Battery-powered, rechargeable battery


 Provide real-time status of the surrounding of the vehicle

 Provide a complete 360 degree coverage


Price: RM1999.00

SurroundSense consists of 3 main components:

1. SurroundSensors - 6 wireless ultrasonic sensors

2. SurroundView  - A 7 inch LCD monitor

3. SurroundCore - The main processing unit


Once installed and activated, SurroundView is capable of detecting every obstacle around the vehicle. The obstacles detected will be processed, and a bird-eye-view of the top of the vehicle will be virtually generated.


The image generated will be real-time and highly accurate. It will greatly guide drivers to maneuver their vehicles. On top of that, there will be a warning tone should the vehicle goes too near to the obstacle.



SKU/Item Number: 25734

DEMO of the SurroundSense system operation: